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Alessandro Sarri

Alessandro Sarri

of counsel Lawyer at VD&A

Mr Sarri is applying the highest European standards and ultimate legal compliance.

Investing in real estate in a foreign country may be a challenging task for many. We at VD&A are making all the effort to make sure that you get the best of both worlds – full legal compliance and exceptional price to quality ratio.

We service mainly foreign high net worth investors to ensure their real estate investments in Bulgaria are not only legally backed, but also that the price they pay is certainly not higher than the market value of the properties.

If you have some experience in dealing with Bulgarian main street real estate agents, you should already know how difficult the interaction is. You should realize how risky the real estate investments in Bulgaria can be, when your REA doesn’t have any legal background or adequate experience.

The extremely dynamic Bulgarian real estate environment has led to many profitable real estate investment opportunities. At the same time, the real estate servicing sector became chaotic and the legal conformity dropped dramatically.

We pay for real estate straight away!

We pay for properties with our own funds, immediately when we believe the property is reasonably priced. If you are a seller, you don’t need to wait for mortgages to be approved, evaluations to be drafted, insurances to be signed. You get your money immediately. Our average purchase amounts t about 250 000 EUR. Still, we are also interested in properties that are both cheaper and more expensive than the said average.

We represent investors of substantial means

We work with high-net-worth individuals and multinational companies from around the world who wish to invest in Bulgarian real estate. We do not waste the seller’s time by making countless property viewings only to find out that what we want, we can not afford. We aim at fast deals and high turnover.

Ultra secure real estate transactions

Legal compliance is our ultimate goal. With our assistance, both the buyer and the seller can be 100% assured that the deal will be fully backed legally. No corners will be cut, no matter what. The risk of eviction will be minimized and virtually eliminated. All encumbrances (if any) will be checked thoroughly and voided. All notary formalities will be fulfilled in full and both the seller and the buyer will be advised on their particular tax status.

Your benefits:

  • Below market valued investment opportunities;
  • 100% secure real estate transactions;
  • Full support by experienced senior lawyers;
  • Professional surveys by civil engineers to ensure constructional durability;
  • Comprehensive checks for encumbrances and other eventual legal issues;
  • Professional drafts of notary deeds;
  • Property management and after-sales support.

Did you know that?


Percentage of dissatisfaction from the main street Bulgarian real estate agents


Percentage of foreign investors who have suffered from negative tax consequences after investment in properties through main street real estate agent


Percentage of investors who have resold at profit within 24 months (for 2019 and 2020)