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All relationships are built on trust

You only live once… and you want to experience the best. As our Gold Club Client, you will have access to unique privileges in Bulgaria and in Europe.

In life, nothing is impossible. That’s why we have created our exclusive package for “all intents and purposes”.

We focus on social recognition or EUR 5 million assets and above.”

Welcome to the VD&A Gold Club

by invitation only

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Special services for selected clients

We perfectly understand that some of our clients have higher expectations than others. Those who have built substantial capital or enjoy social recognition, usually have unique desires and special demands.

We offer our Gold Club Clients the convenience of making Europe their global home. From the Swiss Alps to the Cote d’Azur, from the English Albion to the Bulgarian ski resorts, no matter where our Clients require assistance, we are there to help.

But we don’t stop within the borders of Europe. Personal assistance and consultation by our lawyers goes on all continents, wherever the Client may be.

Becoming Gold Club Client is by invitation only. Membership is however not reserved for the rich and famous only. Clients with good track record with our group of companies are considered for invitation too.

For more information

If you want to be considered for membership in our Gold Club, please liaise with your usual contact from our company. You can also request a free information package.

Some of our exclusive services

The range of services we provide to our Gold Club Clients are virtually unlimited. Below, we will list only a few, just to get the idea of what you can expect:

  • Free legal advise within the EU and in Switzerland – no matter what your issue is, our legal representative will assist you 24 hours a day;
  • Free visits and consultations to the Client within the EU and Switzerland (frequent worldwide visits are provided too);
  • Private banking introduction in Switzerland and Bulgaria;
  • Free limousine pick-up in Switzerland and Bulgaria;
  • Up-to 20% discount on private jet fares within the EU;
  • Preferential conditions on private yacht charters in Bulgaria and in Greece;
  • Golf and tennis clubs membership in Bulgaria and Switzerland, only available by invitation otherwise.
  • Faster residency and citizenship application processing through “express servicing route”;
  • Free expedited notarial assistance;
  • Express translation and legalization services;
  • Assistance with the Consular authorities for faster document processing;
  • Express address registration with the municipal authorities.