VD&A Gold Club

VD&A Gold Club – more than standard assistance

Membership of the VD&A Gold Club will bring you virtually unlimited range of services in Europe. Below we will list only the most basic ones:

Dedicated Personal Manager

Our Gold Club members usually have different projects in Bulgaria and in Europe. Such can be financially related, such as opening bank accounts or setting up corporate structures. Other projects may relate to investment citizenship applications or investment activities of more general nature. Last, but not least, our clients often require personalized assistance with their travel arrangements and leisure activities. All these duties are coordinated by a personal manager, who is assisted by a team of professionals. Such professionals can be wealth management specialist, portfolio manager, tax attorney, trust and estate advisor, etc.

Travel and leisure

For the travel and leisure needs of our Gold Club members, we use the exclusive services of a dedicated licensed travel company, highly experienced in providing exclusive support to clients with the highest expectations.

Concierge Service

Our concierge service goes far beyond providing our customers with legal and consulting assistance. VD&A’s concierge is at your disposal to make your life easier in Europe and add to your overall experience.

Concierge services include also assistance for event planning and philanthropic endeavors, arranging wealth management seminars for heirs, or even renting a yacht or planning a vacation for the club members.

As part of the concierge service is the comprehensive Liaison Officer services that we provide to our club members.

Private Banking

We will assist with exclusive arrangements for Private Banking in Switzerland and Bulgaria. We will introduce our club members to the top financial providers to ensure the problem-free bank account opening. We will also assist our clients with their investment needs and will liaise them with the top wealth management companies in the EU, which services may be available on invitation only.

Premier Travel Assistance

It’s always nice to have someone take care of the little details when you travel around the world. We have commissioned the services of an exclusive travel agent to take care for all your travel needs. Your travel in the EU and beyond will never be the same. You will feel the difference, especially after the covid changed the world and travel formalities are now not merely “formalities”.

If you need entry visa or covid clearance for any country in the world, our specialists will stand behind you and will assist you with all of the formalities.

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