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Eligibility for the new Bulgarian CIP

After the new Bulgarian citizenship by investment program was announced, we were literally bombarded with enquiries from all corners of the world. The majority of the interest was logically from prospective clients, citizenship agents and journalists.

Only for the first two weeks after the new legislation was passed, we received as many enquiries as for six months under the old CIP. We are currently hiring additional staff in order to meet the rising demand. At the same time, we will be applying stricter than before criteria about entering in relation with prospective investment citizenship candidates.

Eligible clients only

As the Bulgarian CIP is now the only EU true fast-track investment citizenship option, we have an important mission ahead. We have taken certain commitments towards the Bulgarian authorities, with the aim to keep the Bulgarian CIP safe. We are determined to maintain 100% success rate for all our customers under the new program. This can be only achieved through ultimate legal compliance, especially with regard to the new regulations. Our compliance will ensure that the Bulgarian CIP will remain fully supported on both national and EU levels.

With the above in mind, as has been always the case, we will be providing investment citizenship services of ultimate quality. For the new program, we will concentrate on UHNWI and HNWI with bespoken reputation and clear source of funds. In order to ensure successful applications for all accepted by us customers, we will work closely with each client to comply with the AML and KYC regulations in full.

No anonymity or monkey business practices

Strict acceptance criteria

Obtaining EU investment citizenship is a serious undertaking. We will not entertain any enquiries where the potential applicant is:

  • trying to remain anonymous (obtaining citizenship can’t be done anonymously, this should be clear);
  • not providing adequate information about his identity, source of wealth or business activities;
  • expecting us to “cut corners” and do things not strictly by the law;
  • trying to circumvent the legal requirements in any way.

No assistance to those who can’t afford the investment requirement

We will also not provide service to applicants who don’t have available the required investment capital (from 256 000 EUR to 2 048 000 EUR). Such candidates are usually looking for some exotic financial arrangements that are being generously offered by many “international agents”. Such arrangements, in their vast majority, are illegal and will never result in successful citizenship application.

Our Gold Club members, as always, will be serviced with priority for all of our wealth services.

Strict criteria for partnerships

We are always open to new and serious partnerships and collaborations. However, we have very strict criteria for any such undertakings. Our citizenship wing has outlined the main requirements, which we will need to strictly adhere to. Please read those before sending us any exotic proposals with regard to collaboration.

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