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Scammers from Dubai are marketing the Bulgarian CIP

The new Bulgarian citizenship by investment program

lethal weapon in the hands of the scammers

Do you know where the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program is advertised most aggressively? And do you know who spends the most money and effort to market the program?

If you thought that the Bulgarian government is spending millions on promoting its own CBI program, then think again. It is the international scammers that are paying much more to “spread the word” and to lure their victims into their illegal schemes.

The scammers strike most often from the JBR area

There is a lot of gold in Dubai. But there is one “golden” commodity that Dubai needs to import – the Bulgarian Golden Passport. And as is with gold, whenever there is strong demand, the scammers come into play.

In the last month only, we received more complaints from clients from Dubai than we have received for the whole 2020. In 95% of the cases, it was about the “good old scheme” – pay and don’t invest to get citizenship. The scammers are offering the prospective clients to pay them 200 000 to 300 000 EUR in order to apply for citizenship by investment. The scammers then “guarantee” that no further investment is necessary and that they will fulfill all formalities with the irrevocable fee paid.

Interestingly, the majority of our clients reported that the offerings were received from “agents” located in the JBR area of Dubai. So next time you fancy a walk there, look around, maybe you will also get an “irresistible” offer to become EU citizen without investing a penny.

Tempting, but… illegal

So what’s wrong with these offers you may ask. Well, simply put, they are illegal. You will never get Bulgarian citizenship by participating in these schemes. And you will of course lose your money. You will be better off buying fake gold than going for these scams. Fake gold at least shines, almost like the real metal. But the real Bulgarian Golden Passport can be obtained through investment only. Not with irrevocable donation!

If you have been lured by an agent in Dubai with similar offer, we strongly recommend you to run away before it is too late. By entering in such a scheme you will not only lose your money, but will also break the law.

We recommend you reading more about the new citizenship scams or contacting us for assistance if you are victim of such a scam.

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