The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program – now better than ever

The Bulgarian Golden Passport – the only true EU fast-track citizenship by investment program!

Despite the so many rumors from the past two years, Bulgaria didn’t cancel its Citizenship by investment program. On the contrary, the Bulgarian Parliament improved the current condition and made the program much more sustainable and predictable.

With the 2021 amendments of the Citizenship Law and the Law for the foreigners, the Bulgarian Golden Passport becomes effectively the only EU citizenship by investment program.

VD&A new citizenship law Bloomberg tv

Hristo Vasilev from Vasilev – Dobrinov & Associates about the new Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Law of 2021Bloomberg TV.

Enormous interest from international investors about the new Bulgarian citizenship by investment program

The new program is much more comprehensive than the previous one. It provides the same timeframe to obtain EU citizenship, namely after 12 months. The option to invest in government bonds has been replaced by other alternatives that are much more beneficial to the investor and more sustainable for the economy. Please be sure to check the official conditions of the new program on our webpage, which we will be updating gradually.

We have been heavily involved during the preparation of the new citizenship law, although not all of our suggestions did pass through the parliament. At the same time, we are still extremely happy from the law, in the form it was voted for. With the new law enacted, the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program becomes the only option to get EU Golden Passport.

Existing businesses (investors) in Bulgaria to apply for citizenship at preferential conditions

investments in Bulgaria

During the first day of the new regulations, we have filed more than 20 applications under the updated conditions. The vast majority of the new applicants will be soon making their investments as per the 2021 law.

Investors from China and Russia already fulfilling the new criteria

There are some applicants however, who already have running businesses in Bulgaria and in fact will not need to do any additional investments. We now have the important task to organize five show cases to the authorities for existing business owners who are automatically qualifying under the new citizenship law (to get Golden Passports). So far, two investors from China and one Russian businessman have confirmed their participation. Another businessman from Turkey is also considering to apply asap. All they have running businesses (or existing investments) in Bulgaria and will apply straight away. These investors will also pay much lower legal fees for their applications. If you believe that you can qualify under the new citizenship law without the need of any additional investments, please contact us for eventual inclusion in the promotional group.

Bulgarian citizenship by investment from 2021 onwards

With all that being said, we congratulate all business people and investors alike, with the updated Bulgarian citizenship program. We look forward to welcome many serious investors in the coming months and years. They will now have the full confidence of the updated fast-track citizenship program.

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