Due to huge demand from our citizenship by investment clients, from 01.07.2021, all our Gold Club members will have access to dedicated liaison officer.

Our Liaison Officer services at a glance

We offer a Liaison Officer services to HNWI individuals who are applying (or have applied) for Bulgarian citizenship. The service is aimed to help our clients understand their social, business and tax obligations (and expectations) in Bulgaria and the EU. The Liaison Officer services are 100% confidential and compliant to the strictest GDPR rules in the EU. All of the information the client decides to discuss with us will not be shared with other parties, unless required by law.

There are basically three ways that our clients can benefit from the Liaison Officer service:

  1. personalized visits by our officer;
  2. contact by phone or online (video-conference);
  3. webinars and online events.

Personal visits to the client’s (home) country

The majority of our clients have extremely busy lifestyle and it is very convenient for them to get help where they are. Therefore our officers are always ready to travel to all corners of the world in order to provide professional consultations. Most frequently, we visit clients in south-east Asia and the middle east. From the beginning of 2021, the requests for visits from clients from Africa and the USA have also increased significantly.

Personal visits to the client’s home country is especially convenient since the covid started, as we take care for all clearances of our officers when they visit the client. In this way, our customers don’t need to undergo all the formalities (vaccine, PCR test, quarantine, restrictions, etc.) that may be needed for them if they want to travel abroad.

Assistance during personal visit or via online consultation

During a personalized visit or an online consultation, our liaison officer will (the list below shows only the most frequent services and is not exhaustive):

  • Discuss all details and relocation concerns of the client and his family as new citizens of Bulgaria and the EU;
  • Provide highly comprehensive information about the client new rights as citizen of the EU;
  • Answer the client tax-related questions (ie applicable double-tax-avoidance treaties, tax optimization opportunities, etc.) and address any concerns;
  • Provide insight advice on investment opportunities and issues in the EU;
  • Discuss in detail investment opportunities in real estate in the EU and Switzerland;
  • Provide recommendations on how to strengthen the client’s bookkeeping system and legal compliance;
  • Discuss current COVID-19 related measures, if needed.

Assistance during online event

During webinar or online event, our liaison officer will:

  • Explain most frequently made fiscal errors by new citizens (investment citizens in particular);
  • Discus tax planning and accountancy issues;
  • Provide information on relevant consulting and legal services;
  • Explain general bookkeeping concepts and best practices in Bulgaria and the EU;
  • Discuss the opportunities for setting-up of business units in Europe (ie companies, foundations, etc.).

Full administrative support for all of the client’s issues

In our world of bureaucracy, administrative support is essential. And we fully understand that our clients need to have all their administrative formalities fully in order. Here is where our officers take full care of all matters, so the client will not feel the burden of arranging the “little things” by themselves.

Our Liaison Officer services – ultimate assurances for flawless relocation to the EU

We believe that our liaison officer support, as part of the exclusive services provided to the Gold Club members, are one of the kind in the EU. We understand the need of our valued clients to have solid backing with all their relocation needs in Europe. And we are fully determined to make them feel at home, no matter where they are originally from.

Our specialists not only posses the required knowledge, but are also fluent in many languages. In this way, our club members can often communicate in their native tongue.

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