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Bulgarian investment citizenship throughout Asia

The popularity of the Bulgarian CIP in Asia hits new heights

How popular is the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program in Asia? Many Hongkongers, (South) Koreans, Singaporeans and even Japanese are lining up for Bulgarian passports. Surprisingly to many, the Bulgarian passport became the most sought after passport in the world among the people of Hong Kong.

Bulgarian citizenship and passport provide unlimited living right in 30+ countries in Europe and beyond. The Bulgarian passport also empowers its holder to visa-free travel to huge number of countries around the world.

New Bulgarian citizenship law – new questions

The most frequent question that we receive in 2021 is:

What are ETFs and how can we invest in those in order to get Bulgarian citizenship and passport?

We will answer this and many other questions during our Asian seminars later this year. The events are planned to be held in Russia, Dubai and Korea, later in 2021.

For more information, please visit the schedule of the planned CBI events.

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