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VD&A’s wing ‘Citizenship & Investments’ opens representative office in Dubai in 2018

Meeting the growing demands from clients based in the Emirates to become Global Citizens

In order to meet the growing demand from many of our customers living in UAE, we have decided to expand our international network by opening a representative office in Dubai.

The fast-track Bulgarian citizenship by investment program, since it launch, became gradually the citizenship of choice for many international clients of VD&A. Not surprisingly, large number of our clients are residing in Dubai and are looking for alternative citizenship. Becoming global citizens for them is not only a matter of convenience and possibility of worldwide visa-free travel, but most of all, a secure safety net, should things in their homeland turn really bad. Many citizens of Pakistan, India, the Gulf countries, Europeans and Russians are all making good living in the Emirates. Still, they can not travel visa-free nor have they the ultimate choice to relocate to wherever they wish to – best of all in an EU country.

Luckily, the Bulgarian fast-track investment citizenship is providing them with the unique opportunity to obtain EU passport in virtually no time (about 18 months from start to end). Our team that will be available in the VD&A’s Dubai office possess the ultimate skills and legal background in order to assist our valued customers in their seek of safer future and the freedom of choice.

As usual, our lawyers and advisers, based in Bulgaria, will make regularly trips to the Emirates in order to meet existing and new clients and provide valuable legal support.

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