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The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program – March 2020 update

Is the Bulgarian CBI going to change?

The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program is without any doubt, the most favorable among all other EU CBI programs. And while it is the least known and least marketed among the three (Bulgaria, Cyprus and Malta), it is the only one that has so far, resisted the “friendly fire” from the EU authorities to have its conditions tightened.

But will it be able to hold for much longer, or the Bulgarian government (and the parliament) will bend knee under the criticism of the European Commission? And if it bends, how far will it go? Will it increase the investment requirement, which is far below its other EU peers? Or will it introduce much more serious “bond with the country” requirement? Or will it invent another hurdle for the citizenship investors? Or maybe it simply do nothing…

One thing is certain though – the Bulgarian CBI is likely to still remain, if changed at all, the most affordable fast-track EU citizenship by investment program.

Alexander Dobrinov in Hong Kong

To have a better idea of what the perspectives for the Bulgarian program are, please read a very informative article by Mr Dobrinov on the website of Uglobal. You can also download the article in PDF format.

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