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Our American clients obtain Bulgarian citizenship by investment

Yet another client of VD&A got approved for Bulgarian investment citizenship by the Citizenship Council.

Mr Oleg Sherbakov from California and his route to Bulgarian citizenship

The story of Mr Sherbakov, our good friend and client, was extensively covered in the prestigious Uglobal edition in the USA. Mr Sherbakov’s path to the final approval by the Council has not been easy and straightforward. You can read more about the story at

More and more Americans interested in Bulgarian citizenship by investment

In 2021, the interest from American clients for Bulgarian citizenship by investment has once again hit record heights. We believe the main driving force is that many US citizens would like to retire in Europe. On top of that, the American applicants are financially well educated and understand how safe the Bulgarian CBI program is. For us, it may be sometimes difficult to explain to some of our clients what an ETF is. Not the case with the US customers, who are accustomed to similar financial instruments.

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