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Extortionists (and defamatory online commenters) now serve times in Bulgarian jails

The Bulgarian penal code deals quite effectively with refund extortionists

Up to 6 years in Bulgarian jail – this is what is now foreseen for all extortionists who target Bulgarians and their businesses!

We provide legal assistance to Bulgarian and EU individuals and companies who are victims of extortion (most often refund extortion). In case the extortion is against Bulgarian bodies, we will assist to initiate penal proceedings against the extortionists. We will also assist in the legal proceeding, in case the extortionist is non-EU citizen, to ban the foreigner from entry into Bulgaria and the Schengen area.

Negative internet reviews may also result in jail terms for libel and defamation

Did you know that leaving negative libelous review online may result in jail terms for the perpetrator. This is especially true if you have been accused publicly (ie on the internet) of being a scammer, false business, etc. Libel and defamation are serious violations and you should take legal action immediately if you are victim of such practices. And those sentenced to jail terms will be extradited to Bulgaria, in 98,5% of the cases. Some jurisdictions don’t cooperate in extradition, but this is changing gradually.

Why is refund extortion and defamatory feedback so widespread in recent years. And how to fight it.

In the good old days, the business disputes were solved at the negotiation table. When the parties couldn’t find compromise, they went to Court. Simple and fair, right?

More about refund extortion

Now, in the days of the internet, things work differently. The “client” thinks that he has virtually unlimited rights and his best weapon is his chance to ruin the reputation of the “seller” on the internet. And frankly speaking, this isn’t difficult. Basically, everybody can write anything about anybody online. And when a negative defamatory reviews are being published, this usually results in huge revenue loss for the concerned (the seller).

Luckily however, the penal system in Bulgaria and the EU has also adapted to the new realms. It is now not only possible to claim financial compensation from the online extortionists, but to also lock them behind bars.

Foreign extortionists get some extra treatment on top of the penal responsibility

Schengen banned from entry

Ban to enter Bulgaria

We always advise our clients, who have been victims of extortion from foreign companies or individuals to act immediately. Apart from the penal responsibility, the Bulgarian client should immediately alert the national security services about the behavior of the foreigner. Once this is confirmed, the foreign persons involved will immediately be banned from entry to Bulgaria. This will ne done strictly as per the Law on the Foreigners.

Schengen ban

The foreign extortionist will also be banned from entry into the Schengen area. The EU has policy of zero tolerance towards third country nationals who are using extortion techniques against EU citizens. Any such behavior will almost certainly result in 5 years ban to enter the Schengen countries. This ban may be prolonged virtually for unlimited time.

What to do if you have been victim of extortion or libelous public feedback

If you have been blackmailed to refund money to a customer or be publicly shamed through negative reviews, contact us immediately. You will be surprised how effective the EU and the Bulgarian legal system is. By taking legal action against such practices, you will not only protect yourself and your business, but also the whole community of the EU and the European values.

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