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Crime in Bulgaria – the Nigerian connection

Nigerians harassing Bulgarians – time for harsh legal measures

If you thought that Nigerians are doing the 419 Fraud only, then think again!

Online review extortion, libel and defamation

Since last week, our google profile, as well as some other online platforms, have been “hacked” by, seemingly, organized group of perpetrators. We have been long the leaders in Bulgaria in the legal fight against online fraud, feedback extortion, libel and defamation. Our lawyers have proved that no criminal will remain at large if he messes with us or with our clients. Unfortunately, some perpetrators are lacking the intellectual resources to realize that.

Hooliganism and harassments

Hooliganism and harassment are another actions that are sanctioned very seriously in Bulgaria. And when such actions go hand in hand with extortion and libel, the “legal hammer” strikes furiously. But again, some people lack basic common sense and can’t tame their aggression.

arrested man

The Nigerian connection

In the course of the last week, many evidences have been collected about the actions of the perpetrators. We had to be extremely patient in order to let the perpetrators leave as many traces as possible. But one week patience proved to be worth it. At this time, all evidences point that the main perpetrator may be a Nigerian national, probably acting with the assistance of a second fellow countryman. It’s highly likely that they carry on their activities, supported by other gang members, mainly from Nigeria and Bulgaria.

Bulgarian prison

Jail time

Now that all evidences have been collected, the police authorities have been notified and all necessary legal actions have been taken by our lawyers. The State Agency for National Security and the Prosecutor’s office will also fulfill their functions in strong accordance with the law. So will the Bulgarian immigration authorities.

The Bulgarian penal code is quite severe. In fact it’s more severe, in many aspects, than the Nigerian one. We all agree that crime has no place in our European society. And we all fully determined to work tirelessly and to keep on assisting the law enforcement authorities in Bulgaria in order to put those who brake the law – where they belong to. By doing that we not only protect us and our clients, but also the society as a whole.

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