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Nigerian “barkers” selling drugs in Sunny Beach* – how long will we endure that?

Barker” is mostly used to describe the profession of a person that invites people outside the restaurant, where he stands, to come in.

*According to media reports, barkers from Mali and Nigeria were selling drugs in Sunny Beach, hiding drugs in … their back parts … The barkers were detained by the police, as one Nigerian citizen, who has been wanted by the authorities, was escorted to Directorate “Migration” for expulsion.

Legal actions will be taken in Burgas and the region

How long will we tolerate organized gangs selling drugs to our children?

Harassment and extortion

It is time for the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to become a zone free of drugs and crime. As, of course, the whole of Bulgaria. Unfortunately, we have reason to believe that the barkers in the establishments are not satisfied with just distributing drugs. As we have already reported, it is possible that Nigerian citizens are active in harassment of Bulgarian citizens and extortion, in anticipation of the summer season.

Crime and punishment

In the name of change for the better, in the name of Bulgarian society and the Euro-Atlantic values we adhere to, we have no right to remain indifferent. The Bulgarian legislation and the penal code should be applied in full force and those who commit illegal acts should be punished with the full force of the law.

Our contribution to the fight against crime

We will actively cooperate with the Police and with the Migration Department in Burgas. We will report all our suspicions of illegal activity and ask the Migration Department for a full check of the immigration status of foreign nationals for whom there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that they have committed illegal acts. All these actions will be coordinated by our office in Sofia, and we will continue to refer to the Agency for National Security for any case that we consider a threat to national security.

We will also work with public organizations in Burgas and the region that have active civil position and are interested in Bulgaria being a European country where everyone obeys the law. And this is just the beginning.

We will publish regular updates on our website about our actions and the results we have achieved.

As much as criminals want to silence our voices, the voice of law will not be silenced. Nor will the jails in Bulgaria remain empty, of course. Our lawyers, together with the law enforcement agencies, will take care of this.

The Bulgarian society deserves more

Our society deserves to live in an atmosphere, free of violence and crime. Bulgarian citizens, as well as foreigners in Bulgaria, generally have great respect for the law.

Bulgaria is Europe, not Nigeria

Unfortunately, due to some “rotten apples”, many foreigners in Bulgaria are perceived negatively by the society. This should not be the case. The vast majority of foreigners (many of them – our customers) who live in Bulgaria, comply with our laws in full. However, those who violate the law must be punished, in the name of us, our children, all Bulgarians and all foreigners who obey the law and the good manners.

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