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Internet crime (cyber crime) – the Nigerian connection

Crime doesn’t pay! And messing up with lawyers is the highest level of stupidity, a legal “suicide”…


The attack on our Google profile

For more than few weeks, our google profile, as well as other platforms, have been subject of organized attack by suspected perpetrators who leave negative comments and perform other harmful activities. Most of these attacks seem to be done through either fake accounts or through hacked profiles.

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The General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime to act soon

Luckily, the laws in Bulgaria provide zero tolerance for internet crime. And those who perform such illegal activities will face lengthy jail terms, if found guilty. And in case they are non-EU foreigners, they may no longer be able to return to or visit Bulgaria. This is of course after they serve their sentence in Bulgaria first.

We have already officially reported the case to the General directorate for combating organized crime and have provided them with all details and who we suspect may be behind the internet attack. We have also notified the police authorities about the incident and the other suspected illegal activities of the perpetrators.

Nigerians behind the attacks?

We have reasons to believe that behind the attack is a Nigerian perpetrator, acting from Bulgaria. He may be supported by another fellow Nigerian, now residing in Nigeria. It is possible that he has been extradited from Bulgaria already and may have been detained in Bulgaria in relation with drugs.

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The furiousness of the attack on our google profile shows that we are dealing with professional group of people who are very well experienced in their illegal activities. Therefore, very serious measures have been already taken with different state institutions. We have no doubt that the perpetrators will be soon found.

The Interpol may also need to take action

Interpol red bulletin

As we are probably dealing with international criminal group, organized by Nigerian nationals, Interpol may be also involved along with the Nigeria’s NCB. Even if some of the perpetrators are not in Bulgaria currently, the Interpol will find them.

Wanted persons often travel to another country to try to evade justice. When requested by a member country, Interpol can publish a Red Notice to alert police worldwide to a wanted fugitive.

Fake marriages with Bulgarian women

In order to legalize their stay in Bulgaria, some Nigerians may have married Bulgarian girls in order to legalize their stay in Bulgaria. Measures will be taken that the Migration office in Burgas and other cities check all these marriages for irregularities. Should such be found, the administrative measures of the Foreigner’s law will be applied. Under the penal code, both the foreigners and their Bulgarian wives will be held criminally liable for false declaration and fraud, if fake marriages have taken place.

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